About us

Supporting our clients is paramount to us

About Morgan Price (Europe) ApS

Morgan Price was formed in 1999 to act as a product provider in the international healthcare insurance market.
Morgan Price (Europe) ApS was formed in 2020 to support our EU Partners and Members.

Morgan Price (Europe) ApS is what is known as a managing general agent (MGA) or managing general underwriter (MGU) which means we are not an insurer, but we act on behalf of insurers in terms of product design, administration, premium collection and where appropriate claims handling, with an amount of delegated authority from that insurer.

The products we sell are our products and the clients who buy them are our clients. We choose the most appropriate insurer (and other partners such as claims handlers) to provide the best service to our clients, and where they do not then we are able to change them.

Morgan Price (Europe) ApS is authorised and regulated in Denmark by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) FTID Number : 36351 and has permissions to transact insurance business across the EU/EEA under EU Freedom of Services (FOS) regulations. To see our terms of business click here.

Our promise

Our clients are central to everything that we do and as such we are committed to treating customers in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

We deal with our clients in an open and honest way and give them as much information as possible at all stages of their interaction with us.
We will provide products that fulfil the needs of our clients.
We will provide clear documentation and communications so the clients know what they have bought and how to use it.
Where our products or service fall short of the standards a client expects, we will work hard to put them right.
We will pay valid claims in a timely manner, and not decline claims on an unfair technicality.
We will pay valid claims in a timely manner, and not decline claims on an unfair technicality.